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tv   [untitled]    July 31, 2014 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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it's - if you ask the residents which is one thing in chinatown that's best and the square bathroom also comes up and if i ask the residents most critical things in chinatown this comes up there's no option the neighborhood has so we're looking forward to this new design we have many meetings in the last few years it took more time people involved in the chinese rec center the design before you is not the first one it takes years to get where we are and the community we spend a lot of time in translation to the committee input moving
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forward the square life will continue to we're looking forward to working with the construction company and it will be the summer so we're looking forward to the chinese neuroin february of next year we want to open it with a new restroom and i want to say to you the commissioner low and staff all you it took many years to open the bathroom and a we love the areas all space parks in the selma we are absolutely thrilled with the new bathroom so thank you >> anyone else who wants
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make any public comment on that item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioner low. >> having participated in many community meetings and several commission hearings on this matter i was surprised how much immense public input there was on a public bathroom and recognize the heavy usage of this bathroom and the huge idealizing delays i wanted to commend the chinatown community center for their outreach and as well as the staff folks don and marvin vin and those for patients in dealing with the community he meetings so i'd like to move this matter for approval. >> i have one question before e
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a second in the recollection we have in front of us it is the resolution we award the contract to the chang c m construction for a maxillomillion 928 or m h construction. >> so at the end he said the recommendation was to chang c m construction. >> only only it was put in here at the time they didn't know which one. >> moved and seconded all in favor, say i. so moved. >> we're on the memoranda of understanding. >> i'll have to reduce myself our law firm hnltz that.
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>> is there a motion and a second to reduce commissioner low moved and seconded your reduced. >> recuses. >> good morning holly from the capital division the matter before i is the possible mou between rec and park and the mayor's office of public finance for the van ness property you're familiar with the property that is a site on the waffling adjacent to our islander and to brief i i'm sure you're aware of the proposal for the real estate diversifies to purchase that and hold it up for 24 months it will undergo community outreach at
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the last meeting i approved the resolution in support of the acquisition and the future use of the fund and the board of supervisors passed the proposed acquisition onto the full board and made the approval contingent on the memorandum of understanding so, so the full board will vote on tuesday the 22nd. so rec and park staff has worked with the director of real estate to prepare a memorandum of understanding that governors the purchasing and maintenance of the property as well as real estate services to assist us what with potential third party sale of the property just a brief term of memorandum of understanding the office of of his opinion will use commercial
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paper to finance the purchase and they'll have maintenance standards. any physical changes to the site during the real estate division hold it will require the content of the department and during the time it is in real estate jurisdiction rec and park staff will work to establish the potential for the alternative uses and potential third party sale of the site for a portion of the seven hundred that's owned by build inc. the stechtd cost of all adjustment that may not be associated with the third party sale that's the cost of the real estate dwefs is 895
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thousand dollars and those costs can be paid for by the open acquisition fund. the memorandum of understanding further states more than two years schedule for august 1st our pd will repay the 95 thousand and 2 percent interest this totals one million plus minus the acquisition fund and that jurisdiction transferred to rec and park upon payment and that's it if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them >> thank you. >> any public comment on that item? seeing none, public comment is clos closed. >> commissioners entertain a
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motion. moved and seconded all in favor, say i. so moved >> thank you very much it's a big day. >> give me one moment. this is the same as recuseed. involvements >> welcome back so - >> okay. so we're on item 13
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general public comment continued if you spoke on item you can't speak doesn't but if you if you can i have 3 cards - 4 cards i'm going to go ahead and read off the names (calling names) thank you. as a reminder you'll each have to minutes (calling names) okay come on up >> good morning, everyone. >> that good morning. >> good afternoon. i'm a community organizer and i'm here
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to speak on behalf of the western edition technology center i've been working with for the past few months now and i know there has been comments earlier but wanted to raise my own concern and support for the center i've cabin working with concerned community workers that continue to build support for the center to kind of give a brief history of how that space came into being that was established by a lot of organizations including the presbyterian church and luther ran church we went through a process in which we identified technology as something that was
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in need for access with folks in that community so through that test we able able to establish that stacey space and now having an mou its important we be able to maintain that space so for funding it's a huge concern for the people that are utilizing the center we want to understand the plans for the park and understand where the information it available and also, we look forward it work with rec and park to understand that process and make sure the community is included in that space. thank you for listening he wish you all a great day >> thank you. >> next speaker
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>> hi, i'm a resident in the portal district i'm in support of keeping glen eagles open it has two fairways, you know, clean greens and sclaer car path you see the tree limbs are falling down and the infrastructure needs no be replaced. i don't know. i've made a phone call inform rec and park a few times whether or not they're trying to taxiing take it away from the lease holder the repurposing of the call would be a crime it's a great golf course and made similar to another golf
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course that should be as singular space and take advantage of making it similar to the harding golf course >> thank you. thank you >> next speaker. >> good morning, commissioners and uncle phil. >> we've talked about glen eagles as a reservation area i want to emphasize that the current manager has welcomed the community to use hits facility last year, we held a ma clarion park meeting and this last sunday he opened up the park to have a fundraiser and he reached out to the community be so he's not only in it for the money as
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they say in rhine a golf course he's there to become a part of the community and support many of the groups in the ma cleaner work area if i taking into consideration weather difficulties can be resolved and have more activity at ma cleaner park. >> thank you. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm chris i'm here to support glen eagles i'm a public school teacher in the city it's great glen eagles offers a on an affordable program and it's
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important inform the seniors the second thing i want to echo things about the community of players there it's diverse both men and women and both the people insides the city and out it's really something unique like i would i play a lot in the summer it should be preserved and lastly i want to speak to the community involvement. i teach at the international academy city hall's under bayview and hunters point they were open to supporting the people around glen eagles. >> >> next speaker. >> hello, i'm tony i'm here to
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speak on the issue regarding glen eagles just to express many of you have played that there's unique and has all the topographic and the great people i've made great friends and consider it a tradition to play golf but the current ownership is very, very hands on i've played at all the courses that the city has golden gate park and lincoln and harding their lovely as well but the one difference i've been a member of the golf eagles club their hands on asking how to improve the experience and play and offering us the chance to get involved to improving our own golf course so i'm here to encourage the commission to support the
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current group to maintain the high quality golf experience so we don't have to feel like we are joining a country club obviously playing golf as a part of the disposal income it's great it have a playing place to go to where people want to make our next experience better and they know who you're sons are you like that that's mire point i want to make. >> nancy. >> hi, i'm nancy i'm an 11 year resident of the lower fillmore in the arms that is a section 8 senior building maintained by the african-american chapter of the
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daughters of the eastern star. i feel it's terribly important to continue this the western edition technology center as everyone knows san francisco other speakers have mentioned everything is changing the skyline and the lower fillmore is changing i have the tourist bus that can't go in front of the painted lady and the st. john church we have one of the top restaurant in the country it's changing but two things are not changing there are a lot of housing for low income seniors and low income people in general. especially for the youth it is still gang territory that's not going to change the center is an
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oasis it truly is the sun is also shining and the park across the street it's giving youth that have a harder time getting a foot in the door which things thought western edition is providing them a foot in the door so to not support it seems like unthinkable i'm here to strongly advocate that that be continued and supported more. >> thank you. >> is there anyone else that want to make general public comment those are all the cards i have we're now closed in general public comment and will be going to item 14 which is closed session. anyone who wants to make public
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comment on closed session? seeing none, public comment is closed commissioners we need a motion and second to go into closed session >> oh, sorry commissioner harrison and i'd like to - >> i want to comment on the glen eagles i worked with tom he's doing an excellent job and a resolution to this i hope i feel this is an important gem out there folks put a lot into that and tom and hopefully, a mutual mutual
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mutually agreeable manner. >> thank you commissioner bonilla. >> i would like to ditto commissioner harrisons remarks i don't want to reinvent the wheel especially, since we've leefrnd how popular this course is and and strong the community support so i want to do everything in our power to keep this golf course open. >> thank you, commissioners seeing no other comments we can go into closed session. >> moved and seconded marry all in favor, say i. >> before we go in we need to ask the members and staff to leave members of the public.
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>> we have reconvened and commissioners you need to make a commissioners, on the motion to disclosure all matters in closed session. >> move to not disclosure. >> moved and seconded all in favor, say i. so moved. we now on item 15 commissioners matter there are there any conversions matter >> i don't know the appropriate time and place and under justice department just as a real quick note no discussion on the commissioners matters but this is not a discussion. >> thank you.
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any public comment on that item on commissioners matters that is on - >> i apologize. i found this on the table i don't know if it belongs to anyone. >> thank you seeing none, e seeing none, public comment is closed. item 16 any new business agenda setting commissioners and oh, is this where he speak >> discussion only so you can discuss optional. >> only discuss. >> yes. would love on update on hertz the follow-up in regards to the support and the return of programming. >> i can either give you a quick update now or an agendized motion n this is beyond the
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departments reach the short answer is following the tragic i want be there's been engagement by the mayor's office and other first and foremost we have the crisis intervention to soothe the trauma our most recent thing is it to try to get the kids into the summer program and the mayor has asked us to get the folks into the campground the department of public health is taking a leads on the outreach we have some discussion about
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requesting a sort of more koffman pools and i think there was some discussion one thread in the community meeting about more open pool time at koffman we'll definitely do the response e department this is not necessarily our area of expertise but we stand ready to offer any program within our purview and jurisdiction there is some some ongoing discussion but he everyone keep in mind what is so tragic it comes off several thousand dollars some of it off this commission and our people took the bars off the clubhouse at the time this horrible incident curd we were
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activating this space from our prospective is what happened so we stand at the ready to support the families of that neighborhood absolutely any way it can be done we're working on we hire through the mayors program about 10 individuals in the visitacion valley neighborhood and supporting us in the ma cleaner park to get them away from the hot spot and strategies that could include glenn eagles to have the i mp teamwork for us so a jobs component we're thinking about. >> assuming glen eagles is open. >> that's the decision it's a
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negotiation come on. >> you need to lose some money out there. >> if i'm playing i'll loss the money. >> is there anything else. any public comment on that item? seeing none, public comment is closed we're on item 17 communications. commissioners is there my public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. 18 adjournment >> moved and seconded all in favor, say i. okay
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